Do the New Mask Standards Leave You Exposed?
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AS 4381:2015 is the new Australian Standard for Single-use Face Masks.

The right facial protection is important to ensure you, your staff and your patients are protected. Studies show:

• Fluid strikes the face area of OR staff on average 45-51% of the time1
• 45% of masks used in Australia are not fluid resistant2
• 90% of surgeons are not aware they have been splashed.1

Halyard has developed a FREE kit that you can use to help navigate, educate and inform your staff about the new Australian Standard.

The kit contains mask samples, a short video and resources you can download, print and share to educate your staff. Your AS 4381 toolkit starts here.

Simply complete the form, and we will post you a FREE kit!


1. Davies, CG et al., Ann R Coll Surg Engl. 2007. 89(8): 770–772. S Endo et al, Jour Hospital Infection 2007 (67) 1: 56–61; DC Berridge et al, Br J Surg 1993 80 (11): 1379-80.

2. Scott, N & Jones, H. ACA Research. 2015. Understanding the implications of changing face mask standards

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